Diversity Media Group, LLC (DMG), a premier video production service in the Twin Cities, offers a spectrum of services, including live streaming, web videos, and TV commercials. Catering to diverse industries like healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and non-profits, DMG excels in transforming unique stories into engaging and informative video content tailored to each audience. Our dedication to quality and creativity is evident in every project, aiming to produce work that truly represents your brand. DMG Studios, our state-of-the-art facility in Hopkins, MN, boasts professional equipment and a full green screen setup, providing the perfect backdrop for both on-site and studio productions.


Focusing on on-site multi-camera video production and live streaming events, we provide expert live streaming services to platforms like your website, Facebook, and YouTube. Live streaming your event opens the door for virtual attendees worldwide, ensuring your company’s message is communicated effectively. It’s crucial to showcase your brand through high-quality streaming while captivating your audience and connecting them to your product or service. To amplify your message and reach your desired audience, it requires skilled professionals who can devise, develop, and execute the optimal streaming strategies.

⦿ Live Audience Events & Meetings

⦿ Live Concerts & Performances

⦿ Speakers & Presentations

⦿ Panel Discussions

⦿ Demostrations

⦿ Virtual Meetings

⦿ Political

Now more than ever, professional networking and high-quality content are crucial. Audiences expect network TV-level quality, and with our advanced video production technology, we ensure your content is impeccably presented and widely accessible, meeting today’s high standards and connecting effectively with viewers.

Tell Your Story

  • We bring your story to life on television, enriching its appeal and making it more engaging, informative, and widely accessible.
  • Elevate your brand’s narrative with motion graphics, virtual studios, and special effects, creating a captivating and impactful presentation that effectively reaches your target audience.
  • We can help you reach the world thru social media streaming, offering the capability to showcase your content on larger screens without sacrificing quality.

The Final Result

Motivate viewers to watch and share your message, enriched with vivid details and dynamic action, offering an captivating experience marked by stunning clarity and detail.

Video Marketing Services


Specializing in 2D animation, we create explainer, how-to, and corporate training videos. Animated content captivates viewers with vibrant, engaging, and playful visuals.


Our team of video production experts, with over 30 years of experience, excels in creating a wide variety of creative marketing and corporate communication videos.

Music Videos

DMG specializes in crafting music videos across all genres, from simple performance demos to elaborate special effects projects, tailored to each artist’s vision.

TV Programming

This package includes a four-camera setup, two production assistants, a CG operator, and a director, with options for adding titles and effects to the stream. It features talent interacting with your social media followers.

Why Work with Us?


We are experts in live video streaming, showcasing exceptional professionalism.


We identify your problem, understand your needs, and then craft a tailored solution.


DMG's mission is to boost video skills and leadership among youth, fostering essential life skills, with a focus on empowering BIPOC students as media producers.


Our leadership team is proven and passionate about their work.


Our technology enables us to save you money. Please contact us for pricing.





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The DMG Owner

Gabriel Rios, CEO

With over 25 years in the broadcasting and video production industry, Gabriel Rios holds an Associate Degree in TV and Radio Broadcasting from Brown College. His expertise lies in animation creation, live streaming on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, video production, and graphics. Gabriel contributed to the formation of Tejano Lippz Internet Radio, an online radio broadcasting venture.

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