Diversity Media Group, LLC (DMG) is a full-service Twin Cities video production company offering everything from web videos to TV commercials. Whatever your industry—from medical to hospitality, automotive to non-profit—you’ve got a unique story that sets you apart. We can help you make your video project engaging and entertaining so it will educate and connect with your target audience. We put a lot of thought and heart into our production work, and our videos will make you proud

Video Marketing Services

Live Streaming

Specializing in multi-camera video production live streaming events on location. Professional live streaming to Facebook, and/or YouTube. The services we provide range from planned social media campaigns, from Facebook posts, to video production and animation, to streaming live event.


Our video production professionals, directors, producers, videographers, audio operators and directors of photography have over three decades of video production and post-production in producing a very diverse range of creative marketing and corporate communication videos.

Music Videos

DMG creates and produces music videos for artist of all genres. Whether you want a simple clean performance video for a demo, or a special effects music video, we are ready to work with you.

TV Programming

The package comes with a four camera shoot, 2 production assistants, CG operator and a director. Wed can add  titles and effects to the video stream. The show consists of your talent engaging with the Facebook audience and marketing to a  live audiences. 

Why Work with Us?


We are video streaming live experts who
display a high level of professionalism.


We identify your problem, find your need,
then create a solution.


We have a proven leadership team,
that love thier jobs.


With our technology it helps us save you money.
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Chef Marshall O'Brien Show

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Last Hurdle

Jorge Alejandro

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Alice Polka

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Celebrating Minnesota

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Angel de Oro

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The DMG Owner

Gabriel Rios, CEO

Gabriel Rios has been in the broadcasting and video production business for more the 25 years and has an Associate Degree at Brown College in TV and Radio Broadcasting. His passion is in creating animation, live streaming to Facebook or YouTube (with up to 4 cameras), video production and graphics. Gabriel was part of a team that created an online radio broadcasting, Tejano Lippz Internet Radio.

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