Los Rebeldes

The Cardona family band, known as Los Rebeldes (of Minnesota), has been playing music together for over four decades. The Cardona’s all sparked an interest in music at a very young age, and throughout the 70s Raul Sr. and three of his sons, Raul Jr., Rene, and Luis all began making music together. The Cardona’s joined with Raul Sr.’s brother-in-law Jesus (Chuy) Velez in 1984 and officially formed the band “Los Rebeldes.” Jesus was a lead member of Los Rebeldes until his retirement in 1990. Raul Sr. continued to play the accordion in the band well into his 70’s. Their friend Jose Madrigal was also an original member and played guitar for many years.

As the decades have passed, the band still hasn’t quit. While still playing the classic Chicano style of music they were originally known for nearly 40 years ago, they have adopted a new, contemporary “Tex-Mex” style of music. The mix of rock, country, folk, and blues ties together a unique sound led by the accordion, trumpet, and guitar.

Throughout the years, there have been many family members in Los Rebeldes. Some that played the trumpet, accordion, guitars, and more. At its core, this Los Rebeldes a family band that has found success bringing south-of-the-border music to the upper Midwest. Original band members, Rene and Luis, are still playing to this day. The traditions of Tex-Mex and Conjunto music are important to many people, and Los Rebeldes is doing their part to keep it alive.

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