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Suggestion Box, formed in Collegeville, Minnesota in 2008, is a band on a conquest to capture the hearts and minds of the globe with their unique, playful, and sometimes sappy vibes. They will stop at nothing until their monthly Spotify listenership reaches 7.5 billion. Change is the only constant, and Suggestion Box’s genre-fluid sound lends itself to new discoveries with each track. In their formative years, the boys played multiple shows in the Collegeville area while writing and recording two hit records. Their freshman effort “One Night Stand” drew upon hip-hop and R&B influences and was met with critical acclaim. Self-titled “Suggestion Box” came next, with six hard-hitting alternative indie-rock mega-hits including “Choose It” and “A Little Something.” Unfortunately, these albums were too good to be true and created a tear in the fabric of the cosmos and disappeared into a black hole never to be heard again. Fear not, for new recordings are on the horizon. With two guitarists in the Midwest and a bassist in Tokyo, the band has worked tirelessly in a virtual collaborative environment surpassing time and space to bring you a new album of three parts punk, one part folk, and a dash of emo, topped with pop and garnished with a twist of ska. Not even a global pandemic can stop the groove on this funk-train. Ready to discover your new favorite band? We hope you give us a listen and a like. We are honored to be a part of your life, even if only in a small way.

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